Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Canada: early discussion

[This was originally posted over on pb2]

Some tyre news: whilst Pirelli will be updating their tyres they won’t be used for qualifying or the race in Montreal, but will be used in practice. So, bear this in mind both when considering how the teams will go this weekend and how they might at Silverstone.

I think the tyres used will be medium and supersoft. Not certain, though.

In addition, Hankook have ruled out replacing Pirelli in 2014, suggesting that either someone else will do it or F1 should hurry up and sign Pirelli up again or they won’t have time to make the 2014 tyre.

Canada’s often a fantastic race, and should be several thousand times more entertaining than Monaco. Just a reminder that the timezone means everything will be relatively later (P3 ends at about 3pm, I think).

As always, your insights, tips, comments and general musings are welcome.

Morris Dancer



  1. Good to see you blogging here Mr. Dancer.


  2. I'm starting to wonder why any company would want to provide tyres to F1. The companies just become whipping boys for the teams and F1 politics in general.

    Michelin suffered reputational damage after the 2005 US GP; why should any company risk such damage, especially when teams (I mean you, Red Bull) throw their toys out of the pram at every opportunity.

  3. Pirelli have suffered a couple of serious delaminations in practice sessions, which is legitimate cause for concern.

    However, I agree with you that teams (and yes, I agree it's basically Red Bull) are very happy to whine about tyre manufacturers when in fact they (Red Bull) are the ones who have failed. If Lotus and Ferrari can make the tyres work so can Red Bull.

    Gary Anderson, as ever, talks a lot of sense here:

    Nice to see the both of you here, incidentally.