Sunday, 9 June 2013

Canada: post-race analysis

Well, the race was unprofitable, and it was the worst (hedged) weekend so far, with two negative results. Assuming my computer is still working, I’ll put up a post trying to work out why I’ve been a bit rubbish this season during the 3 week gap to Silverstone.

Bottas was the only one to have a bad start at the sharp end, and was rapidly passed by Webber and Alonso.

Vettel had another dreary victory, going off first and retaining that throughout. Technically impressive but tedious as a spectacle.

For a while Rosberg kept Webber and Alonso behind him, which enabled Hamilton, then second, to build up a 10s lead. When the pair passed Rosberg Webber suffered unnecessary front wing damage when Van Der Garde (being lapped) stupidly turned in and knocked off an end plate. Shortly thereafter Webber was passed by Alonso, although the Aussie still appeared to have good pace.

Red Bull opted, interestingly, not to change the nose at the pit stops. Alonso (who had been approximately equal to Webber on pace previously) was able to close the gap to Hamilton and pass him, whereas Webber languished about 10s down the road (but 40s ahead of Rosberg).

Bottas, sadly, was on a one way ticket down the grid and finished in a lowly fourteenth.

Vergne didn’t feature much on TV but drove well to get sixth, and Di Resta had an amazing 57 lap opening stint on a one stop strategy which saw him rise from seventeenth to seventh.

Sutil should’ve been eighth, but he ‘accidentally’ held Hamilton up for too long when blue flags were being waved, which allowed Alonso get very close to the Briton. Sutil was thus penalised and finished tenth.

Massa started sixteenth and had a good race to finish eighth, passing Raikkonen very near the end.

Van Der Garde also managed to hit Hulkenberg, terminally damaging the Sauber’s suspension, before he himself had to retire when his front wing became lodged underneath his Caterham.

Given Vergne got sixth Ricciardo will be disappointed with fifteenth.

There was quite a lot of exciting racing, but it was very boring at the sharp end. Vettel was never remotely challenged.

Another bad weekend for betting, I’m afraid. Van Der Garde’s striking of Webber’s front wing *may* have cost the Aussie a podium, but it’s impossible to say for certain.

Next up is Silverstone, where Pirelli may well be supplying the modified tyre. The tyre to replace the current set, that is, which Red Bull (who got pole and the win today) have been complaining about.

My computer’s been rather disobedient lately. If it’s still working I’ll try and get a post up looking at why I’ve eschewed my traditional mid-season slump for an early-season slump.

Morris Dancer


  1. Yes, an absolute shocker from a betting point of view - maybe the only way to succeed at this game is simply to back Vettel to win every Grand Prix.

    It's fast becoming a rather boring season and the final outcome already looks like a foregone conclusion.

    I suppose I should congratulate myself in not only closing my BUY spread bet on Bottas points, but more fortuitously being able to close my SELL bet on Vettel points and at a profit to boot ..... that seems absolutely incredible now.

    On a more positive note, I thought the BBC's presentation yesterday was excellent with each participant (even Eddie Jordan!) really contributing to its success.

    Roll on Silverstone.

  2. It seems that posts on here are being timed on the basis of the Pacific clock, or whatever it's called, i.e. 8 hours behind BST which appears rather weird. Typically Google/American though - our way or no way!

  3. Yeah, that does look weird.

    On a more irksome note I'm having serious computer problems. Tech chap has been called, but expect radio silence for at least a few days.