Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Italy: Early Thoughts

It sounds like Rosberg’s been fined for his action in Belgium. I’d be amazed if that’s the last testy moment we have between the title rivals this year, though.

Anyway, to Monza. The circuit’s nice and fast, and is essentially a collection of straight lines joined by tiny little corners. Do not expect Red Bull to be fastest or second fastest as, although the Renault seems improved, the Williams is fastest in a straight line closely followed by the Mercedes.

Red Bull were fast in Spa, but recall they had a wing thinner than a supermodel on a diet, whereas the Williams and Mercedes had bigger rear wings (adding more downforce but costing pace on the straights). So, the latter two teams have more drag to lose and straight line speed to gain, as well as having the best engines anyway.

I think that Williams, particularly Bottas, might be the ones to watch. A few times this year Williams have run the Mercedes’ team close (and could’ve perhaps had a shot at winning in Austria, I think it was).

These don’t count as tips for the purpose of records. They’re just bets I’ve made (all Ladbrokes),
Bottas, each way, pole 17
Bottas, each way, win 15
Williams top score 7

It’ll also be interesting to see how the other teams cope with the simple straight line requirements of the circuit. I fear Ferrari’s asthmatic hamster of an engine may struggle.

As always, comments, tips, insights and the like are welcome below.

Morris Dancer

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